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I have come to know Kira as a passionate and thoughtful individual who is willing to do what it takes to better her career, and opportunities for those around her. She has proven to be an incredible leader, and filmmaker, with vision and creativity.

Kira has worked as the Volunteer and Internship Director and the Operations Director at the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, of which I am Executive Director. With her kind and focused nature and wonderful approach to teamwork, Kira’s leadership abilities, energy, and attention to detail always add to an efficient, effective, and fun work environment. She will showcase the same for you at every opportunity.

During my 29 years in the corporate, entertainment and production worlds, and managing professional work environments, I have been fortunate to come across shining stars like Kira who are committed to being proactive in thought-processes and embracing others around them. I take personal pride in watching Kira’s work ethic, focus and concentration on all projects that come her way, and her ability to master technical skills and processes quickly.

Qualities and skills that she possesses are hard to find in this day and age. Her ability to build relationships and show a genuine interest in others on all levels is a key aspect of who she is personally and professionally. These truly are the skills that qualify her to do well in any position she applies for, especially as a manager or director.

Without question, I have complete confidence Kira will add value to your organization and excel with flying colors as she offers the best of herself, and brings out the best in those around her.

~ Ivan Wiener, Executive Director, Albuquerque Film & Music Experience

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