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Projects and Collaborations beyond Jouska Road

A BROAD ABROAD -  Assistant Director & Producer

When the nefarious director of a TV travel show gets arrested, the show’s host must take the helm and save the day as the production travels the globe.

See A Broad Abroad trailer here!

BTS Video with Kira Sipler, Assistant Director

VR - Assistant Director & Associate Producer

Down on his luck and having trouble with his girlfriend, Richard comes across an old VR headset in the trash. Putting it on, he finds himself and his girlfriend transported to a world where they are secret agents on a high-stakes mission. Determining the actual reality is more difficult than it seems. VR is an experience spanning multiple frame rates.

RAPUNZEL - Assistant Director


A half-hour coming of age TV comedy which follows two nerdy, lonely 13-year-old girls trying to answer the question "who am I and where do I belong," as they contend with the prejudices, perils, and misconceptions of society, their families, and the environment in 1980s New Mexico.  

DELICATE FLOWERS - Co-Writer & Producer

(In progress) A dark comedy in the vein of Dexter and Big Little Lies.   It follows Bella and Daisy, newly minted friends who attend the same community college, and their multicultural posse of friends - Lily, a detective and her partner, Mitchell, Venus, community leader for a womens’ crisis center, Tristan, Kenny, - all of whom try to inflict/experience/search for justice in their everyday life. 

SNAP! (Seattle 48 Film Festival Horror, 2019)  - Script Supervisor

 A mysterious killer supernaturally traps his prey in mysterious locations, toying with them before making his lethal move. 

EVERYBODY'S WATCHING  - (TV Pilot, Comedy, 2019)  - Script Supervisor

A half-hour comedy that follows a Seattle tech worker who uses his acting talents as a way to resolve conflict in his everyday life turning the most normal situations into genre-twisting theatrical performances.

THE MAN THAT TIME FORGOT (Short, Thriller, Noir - 48 Hr FF, 2018)  - Director

Hard-edged detective Ruby is charmed by a mysterious client, strangely of his own era, who hires her to confirm his suspicions of a cheating wife. She soon unravels his web of lies, and is forced to make a decision about her future.

CRAZY CAT LADY (Short, Comedy - part of Impact 50, 2018) - Assistant Director/Co-Producer

When Betty can't make it home to her darling Waffles, she must find another way to spend her last moments on earth.

SORROW (Short, 2017)-  Director & Co-Writer

A young woman finds beauty in her sorrow and inspiration to move away from grief.  Based on the poem, "Sorrow" by Edna St. Vincent Mallay.   Part of TheFilmSchool Screenwriting Intensive

THE BOARDING HOUSE (Short, Drama, 2017)  - Second Assistant Director & Co-Producer

Utica, New York, 1973. Debbie returns to the town she grew up in, only to find she's a stranger there. She takes a room in a boarding house and makes some new friends: Pam, always in a pink tutu, talking about her kids; and Oscar the good-natured, ever-patient mooch. There's also a large drunken man who repeatedly hassles Debbie. When he tries to attack her one night, Pam comes to her defense. Initially distrustful, Debbie comes to see these misfits as kindred spirits.

THE SON, THE FATHER (Short, Thriller, 2017)  - Second Assistant Director

The events unfolding on a young boy's birthday has consequences far into the future for him and his family.

JAMESON (Short , Thriller, Horror, 2018) - Second Assistant Director & Co-Producer

A man's peaceful life is disrupted when three dangerous travelers lay siege to his secluded cabin in the woods.

LUNCH BOX BRIGADE (Short, Comedy, 2016) - Second Assistant Producer

Fresh out of middle school, The Lunchbox Brigade risks it all to rescue one of their own from the perils of parent-assigned summer camp.

OBSESSION (Short , Drama, 2016) - Second Assistant Producer & Actor

A woman finds herself in a bad situation between her husband and her family, who believe he's cheating on her. Only his dark secret is unknown to all except those that love him the most.

ASYLUM (Short, Drama, 2015)  -  Script Supervisor

A woman finds herself a prisoner of her own mind after facing tremendous betrayal from those she once trusted.

INSUFFICIENT (Short, Drama, 2015) (Post Production) - Producer & UPM

A typical afternoon in the life of a codependent couple, consisting of an image-obsessed atheist and a passive-aggressive Catholic, culminates in a traumatic experience that shocks them each into a crisis of faith.

TWO PICTURES (Full Length, Drama, 2015) - Script Supervisor  

Two strangers - a hard-working nurse and a self-destructive shipyard worker - find their lives changed after an act of heroism unites them.

OLIVER GROENEWALD NEWNET  (Promo Video,  2015)  - Director & Producer

A sneak peeks at the talented and versatile German jazz musician and composer Oliver Groenewald and his jazz ensemble NEWNET, as they speak about music while preparing for their live performance at Chapel Performance Space in May 2014.

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