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Projects and Collaborations beyond Jouska Road

COOKIE CRUMBLES,  2021 - Craft Services, Producer

OUTLAWZ, 2021 - Craft Services, Producer

HUNTERS, 2020 - Craft Services

HARD OUT, 2019 - Craft Services, Producer

A production crew is shooting a beer commercial in an open bar, but when drunk patrons interrupt filming, the film crew and bar regulars decide to settle their differences with their fists in an epic bar fight.

SNAP! (Seattle 48 Film Festival Horror) – 2019, Craft Services, Executive Producer    

A mysterious killer supernaturally traps his prey in mysterious locations, toying with them before making his lethal move.

RIFT (Short/Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival) – 2019, Craft Services

LILY (Short/Comedy/Horror) – 2019, Craft Services 

A young woman receives a babysitting gig for the daughter of a well-off family. However, the job takes a dark turn when Lily, the aforementioned daughter, proves to be more of a handful than expected.

EVIL DEAD 2 (Escape Room Video) – 2019, Craft Services. 

CHILDISH THINGS,  2019, Craft Services

A DAY IN MY LIFE – 2019, Craft Services

ROBOCALL – 2019, Craft Services

THE MAN THAT TIME FORGOT (Short/Thriller/Noir-48 Hr) – 2018, Craft Services         

Hard-edged Detective Ruby is charmed by a mysterious client, strangely of his own era, who hires her to confirm his suspicions of a cheating wife. She soon unravels his web of lies, and is forced to make a decision about her future.

INTERCOURSE (Short/Horror) – 2018, Craft Services, Executive Producer 
A student's terrible film is suddenly accepted to one of the most renowned festivals, the cast and crew get vicious, threatening his life. While his relationships crumble, He ruminates on whether some things are better left abandoned.

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