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Kira Sipler, Co-Founder

Screenwriter | Producer | Assistant Director | Director

I am a freelance screenwriter, producer, director, and assistant director.


I cultivate my storytelling through my blogs, writing screenplays, producing films, and collaborating through my production company, Jouska Road Productions, with my long-time creative partner, Michael J. Dabrowski. 

I hope to empower filmmakers and support the local film industry in New Mexico for Albuquerque Film & Music Experience.


With a passion for storytelling and a diverse background in theatre, screenwriting, and filmmaking, Kira brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the table. 

Kira is a New Mexico-raised, award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director. Her love of storytelling began early in her life, evolving into theater at Albuquerque High School, then to the University of New Mexico, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts.

Kira is a seasoned expert in administrative and business operations. Her journey began in the fast-paced world of dot-coms, where she honed her skills in managing complex projects and ensuring smooth operations.

Drawing from her experience, she then expanded into entrepreneurship and established her own successful business, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of running a company.

In addition to her administrative and business expertise, Kira is a multifaceted creative professional. Behind the scenes, she thrives as a screenwriter, assistant director, producer, and director through her production company, Jouska Road Productions, operating in both Seattle and Albuquerque.

Kira began producing videos, shorts, streaming shows 10 years ago in Seattle.  She was assistant director and co-produced the short film "Period," which went viral on YouTube in January 2021 and has over 8 million views in addition to the short "Jameson," with over 3.5 million views.

Kira's passion for the film industry led her to take on key roles in prominent organizations. As the Volunteer and Logistics Director for the Seattle Film Summit, she played a pivotal role in revamping operations, resulting in a staggering reach of over 40,000 targeted participants for festival operations and achieving sold-out status. 

In 2020, Kira joined AFMX as its Volunteer Coordinator then advancing to its’ Director of Operations, navigating projects from drive-in movies, events, and virtual and live festivals.

Kira also has a passion for screenwriting. Her first screenplay evolved into “The Autumn Waltz”, a short film that was awarded numerous film festival awards, including a nomination for best writer. It is currently available on Amazon Prime.  

She was awarded one of ten projects out of 200 entries for the Inaugural New Mexico Film Office New Voices program, presented by Stowe Story Labs in 2022. The selected project, co-written with producer Lorraine Montez, is Marked As Other, a TV comedy which follows two nerdy, lonely 13-year-old girls trying to answer the question "who am I and where do I belong," as they contend with the prejudices, perils, and misconceptions of society, their families, and the environment in 1980s New Mexico.

Behind the scenes, Kira continues to work as a Screenwriter, Assistant Director, Producer, and Director through her production company, Jouska Road Productions, both in Seattle and Albuquerque.

View trailer for recent work:


Her work can be seen IMDB and LinkedIn.
Kira's directing reel can be viewed here.

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