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I strive to provide the best care to all clients and believe feedback is a great learning tool. I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Here are a few testimonials which I treasure and hope will give you insight to my work:

Lately in my swimming I’ve had this ability to reach “over” my entering stroke in a way that adds considerable power and leverage....I attribute this new found ability to your work in sensitizing me through knowledge and touch to the notion that my body isn’t just a homogenous blob of meat, but a spectrum of interconnected components that have different, but collaborative, contributions to make to movements. ~ T.R.

My partner and I have been clients for many years and we have always found Kira's work to be of the highest degree of professionalism, technique, flowing energy, and healing touch. Kira is equally at home doing a whole body flowing session, troubleshooting problem areas, and working though injuries and chronic areas. We have never had an issue that Kira's massage failed to remedy or alleviate. Kira has a consistent, sensitive, balanced approach to massage therapy that we return to time and again. ~ M.W.

Kira helps me with running injuries.  She is an experience marathoner and triathlete and knows first hand how exercise impacts the body and what is needed to recover.  She has helped me through some rough spots so that I’ve been able to get my running legs back!  It is great to know that I can rely on her expertise and experience. ~ S.S.

I would highly recommend Kira as a massage therapist. I started regularly seeing Kira after experiencing a chronic running injury that required foot surgery. Eight months after foot surgery I still had severe pain and swelling in my foot, and I was taking high doses of NSAIDs to stem the pain. At the time I had given up all hope of running again as it was difficult for me to even stand for lengthy periods of time. After several treatments Kira was able to greatly increase the range of motion in my foot and calf, I discontinued all NSAIDs, and I was able to be on my feet throughout the work day. What’s more, after a month of weekly massage I was able to start regularly running again. Thanks to Kira I am now able to run pain free and I plan on training for a half-marathon.  ~ P.V.G.

I’ve been seeing Kira regularly for nearly 10 years.  I don’t know any other way to describe Kira’s massage techniques other than to say she has magic hands.  Whether for relaxation or therapeutic massage, Kira’s style is so in-tune with my needs.  I’ve never found anyone better, and continue to come back even though I moved and her location is no longer a quick commute for me.  Kira has helped me through migraines, a multitude of sports injuries, and stress related ailments.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and has an assortment of techniques from which to choose.  She is highly professional , takes the time to really assess the problems, and has an amazing healing touch.  Kira has become an essential part of my good health.   I know you’ll love her as much I do! ~ E.S.

Kira provides a safe and healing environment.  She is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive.  I have a chronic lower back problem and in working with Kira and the massage techniques she used, am able to stay pain free.  I highly recommend Kira Sipler to anyone seeking professional and sensitive care.  She is amazing! ~ M.S.

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