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Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with Kira Sipler in many capacities (both her and I). I’ve worked with her as a Director/Producer/and Assistant Director where I was either a Camera Assistant or the Cinematographer.

Kira has such a passion for the art of filmmaking while also being very organized and professional in her work. She is prepared to handle any situation that may come up on set, and if for some reason she doesn’t have the answer to someone’s question, she will not stop until she finds it.

As a Director, Kira is very collaborative, while also staying true to her vision. Once she commits to a project as the director, she begins to connect with the characters and story to make it more personal to her to make it her own.

As an Assistant Director, you’ll never find Kira raising her voice out of turn. She’s the nice AD everyone wishes they had on set. She’s gonna make the set calm and inviting for the cast and crew, but still be able to get everything and everyone in control if goes wrong or some one is out of line.

As a Producer, Kira answers your questions before you ask them and if you do ask them she’ll have the answers. Kira has run productions made up of entirely film students and entirely professionals, with everything in between. She’s gotten the connections and I would recommend her to anyone looking for Producer/AD/Director (feel free to order this however you’d like). Any time she needs help on set, and I’m available, I’m there!

Photo credit: Sam Snow

~ T.K. Johnson, DP/Writer/Producer, Final Beat Films

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