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New Beginnings

The year 2020 will mark my 20th year as a massage therapist! It was a happy accident the day I enrolled in massage school - it was whim born from curiosity of the human body, my own need to explore intuitive touch and satisfy my need for adventure. It paid off.  But now it's time for change.

After 25 years in Seattle, I am returning home to New Mexico to be closer to my own family.  My last business day will be Saturday, February 15, 2020. My schedule is currently open to CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY through this date. If you experience trouble in scheduling, please email me at

I am happy to recommend massage therapists in our office at Ravenna Therapeutics. I can recommend any of these therapists as I have personally received massage from them and worked alongside them during my years there. They accept payment at time of service (cash), and some provide OUT OF NETWORK billing.

I’ve been privileged to earn your trust over the years, build a community of wonderful healing, become better acquainted with each other, watch relationships form and families grow, and to stand in heart ache and triumph. It has been a blessed journey and I’m grateful and humbled.

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