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Kira Sipler - Producer Reel

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I'm proud to present my Producer Reel, created and edited by my dear friend, DP/Editor/Colorist, T.K. Johnson at Final Beat Films. Again, still so shy about sharing my work (Creatives - why is this?!) but really proud, grateful and thankful to all the wonderful creative people who offered me these opportunities to expand my skills as a Producer (looking at you Lorraine Montez, Debra Pralle, Tony Doupe, Ben Andrews, Clare Chun, Andrea Hays, Marissa Fujimoto, Jess Grant, and so many, many more!)

So here it is - again my first Producers reel - by T.K. Johnson. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with all the Producers, Writers, DPs and Editors, Crew and Talent for each of these productions and to my creative partner in crime, Michael Dabrowski, who encouraged me every project along the way.

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