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Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with Kira Sipler in many capacities (both her and I). I’ve worked with her as a Director/Producer/and Assistant Director where I was either a Camera Assistant or the Cinematographer.

Kira has such a passion for the art of filmmaking while also being very organized and professional in her work. She is prepared to handle any situation that may come up on set, and if for some reason she doesn’t have the answer to someone’s question, she will not stop until she finds it.

As a Director, Kira is very collaborative, while also staying true to her vision. Once she commits to a project as the director, she begins to connect with the characters and story to make it more personal to her to make it her own.

As an Assistant Director, you’ll never find Kira raising her voice out of turn. She’s the nice AD everyone wishes they had on set. She’s gonna make the set calm and inviting for the cast and crew, but still be able to get everything and everyone in control if goes wrong or some one is out of line.

As a Producer, Kira answers your questions before you ask them and if you do ask them she’ll have the answers. Kira has run productions made up of entirely film students and entirely professionals, with everything in between. She’s gotten the connections and I would recommend her to anyone looking for Producer/AD/Director (feel free to order this however you’d like). Any time she needs help on set, and I’m available, I’m there!

Photo credit: Sam Snow

~ T.K. Johnson, DP/Writer/Producer, Final Beat Films




Kira is my FIRST GO TO when it comes to hiring crew for film, TV, and video productions – both corporate and narrative. Pace for pace (and my pace is FAST), Kira is able to handle anything thrown at her. Whether she’s producing, acting as 1st or 2nd AD, or directing Kira is a fabulous, professional filmmaker with an eye for great stories, and a keen sense of logistics that I have yet to find anyone else can rival. She is also arguable one of the best screenwriters I’ve ever had the pleasure with which to write. I highly recommend her for any leadership position in filmmaking….just know that I get her first.

Lorraine Montez, Ninja Producer
Founder, Abundant Productions
Partner, Seattle Film Summit


Kira Sipler is a “quadruple threat” in the film industry; an accomplished 1st AD & Director, Producer, Writer, and Actor. I know this because I have had the great privilege to work alongside her and witness her deep curiosity, collaborative spirit, and admirable work ethic. She completely impressed me when she took my acting course at Shoreline CC, her screenwriting feedback on scripts was invaluable, her calm as a 1st AD during an extremely difficult shoot was astounding, and most recently, her work as a producer on my short film Period was, well, how can I put this? Nothing shy of amazing. If you want to work with someone who is intelligent, creative, knowledgeable, passionate, organized, centered, and damn funny, work with Kira Sipler. She’s in a league of her own.

Debra Pralle, Actor, Screenwriter, Director


Kira is one of the most well-versed filmmakers I’ve ever worked with. She does it all at a very high caliber and is a joy to work with.

Writer, director, producer, 1st AD, script super, etc, she has my full trust and confidence as an artist and producer.

I’d work with her any where, any time, any day.

Tony Doupe, Actor/Producer/Instructor at Shoreline Community College


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kira on several projects over several years. It’s not only been an honor to work with her, but it’s been a pleasure to watch how rapidly she consumes knowledge and implements her own personal growth. Each project I’ve been able to tangibly see her growth. Not just in logistical implementation. More importantly her confidence. Her ability to inspire. And her ability to lead. Kira is one of those people you hope to work with for the rest of your career.

Benjamin Barak Andrews


Kira Sipler and I have collaborated on three short film projects over the last two years, so I’ve had the good fortune to see her work in a variety of roles. In the spring of 2017 I had my first on-set experience serving as a PA to Kira’s 2nd AD on The Son, The Father. We followed this up with a role reversal that fall; Kira was still 2nd AD, but I took on the role of Executive Producer for The Boarding House. Last year I served as Lead Writer for a 48-Hour Film Festival team, and Kira was the director for that short (The Man That Time Forgot). In each case, I was impressed by Kira’s powerful work ethic and calm on-set demeanor. When everyone else is freaking out, Kira is the one who’s keeping it all together. I can’t wait to work together again!

~ Jess Grant, Writer/Producer


I love it when I find a collaborator who values both people and craft. Kira has proven to be one.

I have worked as a Key Grip on two productions where she was various combinations of Producer, Director and Assistant Director. As a Producer and Director, Kira is a strong and compassionate leader with a solid storytelling eye. She nurtures a fun and focused working environment that motivates people to bring the best of their talents to the project. She is clear with her vision and knows how to bring it to completion with a big team. She attracts skilled people, guides them with her artistic vision and then gets out of the way so they can do their best by focusing on the art. Kira speaks out when something is not up to the quality she knows the team can create. And on the flip side, I personally appreciated it when I was able to approach her (as a peer) with my observations on a weak performance. She listened to me and took some of my suggestions and was able to get a solid take.

As an Assistant Director, Kira is a firm presence on set. She inserts herself into the process as needed to keep things moving and focused, but knows when a delay is “real” and creates space for people to solve the problem at hand. She is direct with people but in a respectful and caring way. Kira “runs a tight ship” but is still able to listen to constructive suggestions from the team.

I am eager to make good art with her again. I suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate with Kira, that they take it.

Bob Freeman, Filmmaker, Bad Alien Bob


One of the biggest highlights of working in the local film community are the relationships you make with the people you work with. I met Kira early on in my audio career and I am always relieved to see her name on the call sheet as Assistant Director. Kira handles her job with diplomacy, sternness when necessary and a levity that’s much needed at times. I’ve yet to work with another AD who can keep the production flowing as smoothly as she does.

Brian Binning, Composer, Novel Effect

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